The Team

Team 2012

Martina Moy

As an aspiring ninja and Gonzo journalist, my time is divided between figuring this world out and building castles in my head. I am also pursuing a Communications degree in hopes of becoming a contributing member of society. My hobbies include living vicariously through reality television and petting stray cats.

Melvyn Lee

Occasional neckbeard and master gamer. To-be owner of overpriced humanities degree (but government subsidized). Don’t really read much but when I do, it’s pretty good stuff. Hopes to one day be able to write with real ’emotion’. Supporter of the technological singularity, and is willing to be a guinea pig for the good of all Mankind.

Joshua Gan
Hi! I’m currently a second year student in Temasek Polytechnic’s Communications and Media Management, I aspire to be a photojournalist one day. My favourite photojournalist would be Steve McCurry and I hope to be part of National Geographic someday.
Dream big or go home.
Jacqueline Lee
I see the world from five feet over the ground. Currently between schools and itching to be a polyspecialist. I want to be delightful, I want a nickname like Blaze or Jitters with an interesting back story, I want a tattoo of a starfish on my shoulder and to speak fluent French with. I want to be one of those mythical creatures: a manic pixie dream girl
  Christina OngWords, actions and settings create another world of its own in literature, as much as it reflects much of my current life. Interaction with people from all walks of life (and animals) and being able to help them in some way or another makes my day. I love new experiences and being able to connect, put myself in others’ shoes and be a voice for them. I enjoy exploring diverse mediums and platforms to engage with the world all around me and do my best to make changes for the better, step by step, word by word.

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