AFCC Wire comprises of a group of student journalists who were in the thick of things at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2012. They provide different perspectives of the Festival through their myriad of articles. Relive the AFCC experience through the engaging entries of the student journalists!


About the Asian Festival of Children’s Content

The National Book Development Council of Singapore has been organising the highly popular Asian Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference for the past ten years. Leveraging on the success of this event and in partnership with The Arts House, AFCC has emerged as a very popular professional and trade event since 2010. AFCC’s deliberations will impact 1.5 billion children in Asia and their parents the professionals and businesses involved in their development.

AFCC offers a unique occasion for participants to meet, interact, network and find common ground and business opportunities with the entire community of children’s content creators. It is a great place for writers with good content to meet their publishers and producers in all formats and take it to the appropriate consumers both in the region and worldwide

Website: www.afcc.com.sg


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