My day at AFCC

*This article is written by our youngest student journalist who is 9 years old.
On Saturday, 27th May 2012, I went to the Asian Parents Forum in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content at The Arts House in Singapore. I attended two programs and spent three hours in the Arts House. 
The first program I attended was the Story-telling Session from 11am-1pm, hosted by Sheila Wee. There were about 30 people there and the program was successful as everyone enjoyed it. My favorite story was an American folklore about a Coyote and a bird. I liked it as it was funny. 
The second program I went to was a book launch. The book was called “Dumbcane and Daffodils” written by 14 year old R Viknesh. The story was about a boy named Timmy Tim and his ups and downs in life. I enjoyed the presentation. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I ended up buying the book. My mum told me it would help me in my English Exams, but to be honest, I think just reading and re-reading a book is more fun than using it for an exam, cause that’s not what I feel a storybook should be used for. 
My last comment or compliment is to the lads who made the food at the lunch-break, not to mention the lime juice. ( Or the lad who chose the food and drinks.)
Written by Judah Kan 
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About afccwire

AFCC Wire comprises of a group of student journalists who were right there and then at the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2012. Each of them have been to the Festival and their experiences are documented in their entries. Enjoy reading about the Festival through the eyes of the student journalists!

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