Project Splash Asia! AFCC 2013

Next year will be the United Nations International Year of Water.

Community and school programmes in many countries will include reading, performing and creating water-themed stories.

Share your favourite stories that have water as a theme, such as Wave by Suzy Lee (California US: Chronicle Books, 2008), Amansinaya-Goddess of the Sea, by Eugene Evasco and Jomike Tejido (illustrator) (Philippines: LG&M, 2007), The Wakame Gatherers by Holly Thompson and Kazumi Wilds (illustrator) (California US: Shen’s Books, 2007), and Water Tales From Around the World (India: Tulika Publishers, 2010).

Project Splash Asia! aims to publish a bibliography and collection of favourite water-themed children’s stories from or about the region for AFCC 2013.

The National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) hopes the compilation of a bibliography of children’s stories around a universal theme will be a regular project for AFCC to showcase the diversity of talents and children’s literature in the region.

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Starry Starry Night

Children’s book industry professionals and the public gather for a night of celebration.

More than 80 people assembled at The Arts House Gallery on May 26 to celebrate a night dedicated to the children’s book industry.

According to the event website, the National Book Development Council of Singapore and MediaCorp jointly organised the event “Celebrating Our Stars” on May 26, as part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content – in its third year – which lasted from May 26 to May 29. The event participants included various children’s book industry professionals worldwide, and members of the public. It aimed to provide an opportunity for these participants to converse with one another, network, and explore the possibilities of working together in the growing Asian publishing industry.

Ms Adeline Foo – author of  “The Diary of Amos Lee” – was invited as a guest speaker to kick off the night with an overview about local children’s books’ journey through time, along with professional storyteller-cum-teacher-cum-writer Ms Rosemarie Somaiah, and Ms Er Lai Kuan, a seasoned librarian with 15 years experience.

During the overview, Ms Foo brought up several trends in the local children’s book industry, such as the emergence of many writers self-publishing books, and children’s books containing more moral values. She also said “e-books, as well as print books” have to coexist while on the topic of e-book publishing being on the rise.

Ms Denyse Tessensohn, a Singaporean writer living in Johor Bahru, pitched for people to pre-order her biography about an obscure Singapore-born Eurasian illustrator-cum-animator named Errol Le Cain. “Tell me why we don’t know him in Singapore? It’s astounding that we don’t,” said Ms Tessensohn. During her pitch, she presented many artworks that Errol Le Cain painted when he was alive. “I think the ‘Errol Le Cain’ presentation was really good, and the feedback was really good,” said Ms Faith Huang, one of the event facilitators.

Ms Ethel Tan from MediaCorp introduced a new digital initiative called “”, which is an e-bookstore. Mr Francis Teo, a member of the audience, said he had gotten more insight into the future of e-books and hopes to learn more about the e-book market.

The audience included members of the public who were interested in being part of the children’s book industry. Mr Alex Wong, a member of the audience, said he attended “Celebrating Our Stars” partly because he thought of becoming a writer. He also said the presentations that night were engaging, and was surprised to see a number of local authors he knew about in the flesh.

Ms Faith Huang said the organising team is considering to initiate a session which allows authors to meet readers directly next year, giving the readers a chance to know them better.


Audience filling up the seats at the start of the night.


Ms Adeline Foo (right) giving the opening presentation, with Ms Er Lai Kuan (centre) and Ms Rosemarie Somaiah (left).


Ms Denyse Tessensohn at her booth displaying scanned versions of Errol Le Cain’s artworks after the presentations.

My day at AFCC

*This article is written by our youngest student journalist who is 9 years old.
On Saturday, 27th May 2012, I went to the Asian Parents Forum in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content at The Arts House in Singapore. I attended two programs and spent three hours in the Arts House. 
The first program I attended was the Story-telling Session from 11am-1pm, hosted by Sheila Wee. There were about 30 people there and the program was successful as everyone enjoyed it. My favorite story was an American folklore about a Coyote and a bird. I liked it as it was funny. 
The second program I went to was a book launch. The book was called “Dumbcane and Daffodils” written by 14 year old R Viknesh. The story was about a boy named Timmy Tim and his ups and downs in life. I enjoyed the presentation. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I ended up buying the book. My mum told me it would help me in my English Exams, but to be honest, I think just reading and re-reading a book is more fun than using it for an exam, cause that’s not what I feel a storybook should be used for. 
My last comment or compliment is to the lads who made the food at the lunch-break, not to mention the lime juice. ( Or the lad who chose the food and drinks.)
Written by Judah Kan